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 Santo Vito  Church

Immemorial popular tradition wants that the church of Santo Vito is the oldest of the village, the current historical center of Maratea, built on top of the district Capo Casale, the oldest in the country.
Of the original exterior appearance of the church, built according to local historians in the X-XI century, only a small medieval window survives in the apse, as the church was heavily restored first in 1883 and then in 1980.


Works of art in the Church

The interior of the church of Santo Vito in the historic center of Maratea still preserves careful pictorial treasures:
on the high altar the figure of a acephalous Madonna with Child is distinguished, dated to the XIV century, flanked by a fresco of S. Rocco of the XV century.
On the sides of the presbytery are the faces of S. Biagio and Santo Vito from the 16th century

Visit   Santo Vito Church

To reach the Church:
Pedestrian zone; leave the car in one of the car parks of the Historic Center and continue on foot.