Painter in Maratea:  Angelo Brando

Angelo Brando. a painter in Maratea

Angelo Brando is the most famous painting artist of Maratea, lived at the turn of the last two centuries (Maratea 1878 - Naples 1955).
Active in Naples especially in the period between the two world wars, ANGELO BRANDO is one of the most interesting figures in the world of visual arts of the twentieth century in southern Italy.

Angelo Brando biography

Last of eight children of the merchant Giuseppe Brando  and Vincenza Zaccaro family, Angelo was born in Maratea January 10, 1878.
With the intent to go along with his strong artistic skills he enrolled at the Institute of Fine Arts in Naples, where under the guidance of Vincenzo Volpe and Michele Cammarano will enable him not only to complete his studies but also to enter the circle of Neapolitan painters that they will form the core of an important school of painting.
These frequent visits allow the painter from Maratea to expose, in 1908, the four-yearly exhibition of Turin.
He settled permanently in Naples, 1917-1948 Angelo Brando practiced there as teachers of art subjects: he taught at various schools including the Art School, receiving the same period of other positions, such as for example, in 1919, the reorganization of the Gallery regional of Naples of which he was appointed conservator.
He was also advisor to the Promoter Salvator Rosa and later Commissioner of the Committee for the establishment of the Art Gallery of Basilicata.
He passed away in his adopted hometown, Naples, February 21, 1955, at the age of 77 years.

Impressionism  and...

The painting of Angelo Brando fits into the genre of Impressionism adapted to the reality of Naples, descended from European heritage but is characterized mainly by painting Sketches whose greatest interpreter was Mr. Morelli.
In other words in the painting of Angelo Brando you can find impressionistic influences, but also echoes of the symbolist and secessionists.
In 2009, the Regional Directorate for Cultural and Landscape Heritage and the Superintendence for the Historical, Artistic and Ethno-anthropological Heritage of Basilicata has acquired 34 paintings by Maratea's painter with the intention of making an art gallery inside Palazzo De Lieto, in Maratea old town,  where in fact today you may admire the works of the great painter of Lucania. is managed by
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