ST. BLASE , the Patron Saint of Maratea

St. Blase & Maratea 

San Blase is much if not everything to Maratea: you can not be born or lived in this country without becoming a devotee of the famous Armenian saint in the world, but especially for "marateoti" , He is the patron saint of the city.

Maratea is one of the most important holy places of reference for the faithful of San Biagio because the seat of an important shrine that houses several remains of the saint including the most important is the chest, once in Maratea, so lucky, to escape the iconoclastic persecution of the East.

His total belonging to Maratea, in the history, traditions, faith and the same spread of his name among the inhabitants of the town Luke makes this devotion a unique thing.

And the visitor, who participates in the climate of the Feast or gathers in prayer in the Pontifical Basilica is involved as something mystical and at the same time natural.

It is therefore essential, in a site dedicated to Maratea, to tell what actually is this saint for the city, for example by living the story of the Feast of St. Blaise, or knowing all of St. Blaise of Sebaste between history and legend.


we have a dedicated website to San Blase, only in Italian language:

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