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 the famous quotes of Maratea

"Perhaps in Italy there is no more superb scenery and landscape.
Imagine dozens of tens of kilometers of jagged cliffs of caves, carvings, overhangs and soft beaches in front of the most spectacular seas, now wide open and open, now closed in small work as a dock. "

Indro Montanelli 

"In the jagging of the coast, recognize Maratea for Christ stretching out the arms and the marina. Maratea below is a spit of sea and stain, that above a lime nest, in both sites has concentrated a scary beauty". 

Raffaele Nigro

<<Until a few years ago it was known only by a few German lovers of solitude and camping enthusiasts, or by some Italian who had done military service there ... The first official news was given by the Daily Telegraph in June 1956:" Let's go in a different place from the usual "was the title of the article.E talked about what the author said was" the thumb of the foot of Italy, sweet name Maratea ".
An upscale hotel, the Santavenere, was born in Maratea. Faced with different pink tiles, set on a verdant lawn full of small lemons, in front of the guest it opens like a fresh shell. Tourists began to arrive there in July 1956. Among the first, a young English lawyer, cousin of Grahan Greene, with his wife, a baronet from Surrey, a botanist scholar, a group of quiet Swiss people in love with underwater fishing, and I was there too 'I was translating the "Memories" of Christian Dior that would go out in installments on the Corriere d'Informazione. Whoever arrives in the evening at Santavenere, hears the only sound the breath of the sea that enters through the windows along with the hundred aromas of the Mediterranean, wild rose, pepper, honey, anise and mint, and sees no other lights than the stars.  Opening the window in the morning, you will find a marvelous spectacle: beyond the flowered balcony, irregularly embraced by black rocks, by small green peninsulas, by tufts of leafy pines, a taut and desert sea with turquoise, green, and horizon, indigo gloomy. Not a boat on the water, not a person in sight, but a deep silence, a solemn and ancient calm, a beauty so steady and pathetic that takes almost to the throat ... Council of appear the "wigs of Venus" in Maratea inferior (they are waterfalls of celestial flowers of great decorative effect). Rustic garden gardens and baskets in Praia a Mare. Finally return to Maratea, as long as this paradise remains >>. 

 Camilla Cederna

"Maratea is beautiful: Montanelli liked her very much....bsev"  

Beppe Severgnini

« It's a wonderful village ... magnificent ... there is no other place I know is valid in me like this one you see.
Colors, above all, are primordial colors 

Cesare Pavese

Michele Serra

"Already leaving Sapri and Campania behind, Lucania can stun for her splendid beauty.
It runs along the Tyrrhenian Sea for only 30 kilometers, but it takes time to turn it into heaven.
Maratea is squashed over a bed of oleanders, pines, eucalyptus, little built and good.
Expensive, certainly, and targetted for medium-high tourism.
But decent and respectful also with those who can not stop more than that.
The beach of Macarro, south of the village, to Marina di Maratea, is the most beautiful view here by coming down the Tyrrhenian Sea, and probably one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean 

 Michele Serra

Pier Paolo Pasolini

The coast of Maratea has none of what is conventionally considered beautiful, not even in Boccaccio's footsteps: the coast is simply tremendous. Never seen so much perfection: an enormous steep slope, cut by woods, streams - Mezzanotte, Malcanale -, gray of rock, studded with tufts of a green that is all the same, plunging sheer to the sea. The scheme is that of Sorrento, Amalfi, but it is filled with a concrete hell: obsessive: but the result is wonderful. But Maratea begins by being a much sweeter oasis: there are thickets and the coast ends with greater sweetness on the sea.

Italy's last travel frontier

"For English-speaking visitors, Maratea and the region of Basilicata are Italy's last travel frontier. Few foreigners have even heard of Maratea, which discriminating Italians have long prized as a cheaper and less crowded alternative to the Amalfi Coast.(…)

Yet Maratea's basic appeal remains unchanged: the resort draws travelers who want to enjoy a dramatic coastal setting, historic buildings and monuments, a rich local gastronomy, and the unspoiled atmosphere of a community that refuses to heed the siren call of mass tourism."

Durant Imboden

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