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 the famous quotes of Maratea

montanelli  MARATEA

"Perhaps in Italy there is no more superb scenery and landscape.
Imagine dozens of tens of kilometers of jagged cliffs of caves, carvings, overhangs and soft beaches in front of the most spectacular seas, now wide open and open, now closed in small work as a dock. "

Indro Montanelli 


"In the jagging of the coast, recognize Maratea for Christ stretching out the arms and the marina. Maratea below is a spit of sea and stain, that above a lime nest, in both sites has concentrated a scary beauty". 

Raffaele Nigro
severgnini maratea

"Maratea is beautiful: Montanelli liked her very much....bsev"  

Beppe Severgnini  
cesare pavese MARATEA

« It's a wonderful village ... magnificent ... there is no other place I know is valid in me like this one you see.
Colors, above all, are primordial colors 

Cesare Pavese
michel serra maratea

"Already leaving Sapri and Campania behind, Lucania can stun for her splendid beauty.
It runs along the Tyrrhenian Sea for only 30 kilometers, but it takes time to turn it into heaven.
Maratea is squashed over a bed of oleanders, pines, eucalyptus, little built and good.
Expensive, certainly, and targetted for medium-high tourism.
But decent and respectful also with those who can not stop more than that.
The beach of Macarro, south of the village, to Marina di Maratea, is the most beautiful view here by coming down the Tyrrhenian Sea, and probably one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean 

 Michele Serra