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Maratea, Where Everything Is Nature.

Maratea ( pronounced " Ma-ra-tay-aj"), Italy has rapidly become known for its world-class hotels and resorts, upscale restaurants, shopping, beautiful beaches, and amazing sunsets. 
Maratea also has a reputation for challenging diving, superb boating and fishing, diverse street art galleries and theatre, and of course, perhaps the most appealing characteristic, fantastic year-round weather
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Guided tours and Activities

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the Boroughs

The town of Maratea is composed of several hamlets: a satellite system of villages gravitating around the ...

the Climate

The climate of Maratea is somewhat mitigated by the sea and this turns out to be very pleasant, ...

the Christ

The statue of Christ the Redeemer of Maratea was erected in 1965 on the summit of Monte San Biagio in the ...

the Grottos

The Meraviglie's Grotto , only tourist cave of Basilicata, is opened in the territory of the ...

the Port

The Port of Maratea. one of the most important harbors of the Tyrrhenian is located in the center of ...

Saint Blase

San Blase is much if not everything to Maratea: you can not be born or lived in this country without becoming...

the Beaches

Beaches, coves and harbors on the coast of Maratea. Accesses, car parks, lidos, public beaches, and so on...


Maratea is easy to reach because of its particular geographical location: there is the port on the Tyrrhenian Sea...


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