The Port of  Maratea
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The Port of Maratea. one of the most important harbors of the Tyrrhenian

cersuta di maratea

The Port is located in the center of the municipality of Maratea, at the mouth of the valley, in the eastern part of the Gulf of Policastro and is protected by two breakwaters piers, the North angle is 275 meters long and the south pier of 260 m located to the west / northwest.

A secondary pier instead is present inside the Port, directed towards the west / south - west with floating piers with wooden floor.

To see the Church of Our Lady of Portosalvo and adjacent to the Port some of the most beautiful beaches of Maratea: the BEACHES OF PORTO

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The Port

Maratea Port : services and equipment  

There are all port services and shops
as well as the headquarters of the Coast Guard and finally the Post Office: 
- Unleaded petrol and diesel in the dock
- Water connections and electricity with availability h24
- Telephone connections
- Lighted docks
- Float slide bars of exotic wood
- Slipway
- Storage Outdoor / Indoor - repairs
- Boat rental
- 24 hour security guard - mooring - fire service
- Rubbish collection: separate collection at the dock
- Toilets and showers
- Fishing tourism
- Parking - telephone booth
- Post
- Grocery stores, clothing, crafts
- Shop for fishing and nautical items
- Restaurants / Bars




Capitaneria di Porto - Port Authorities
Ufficio Circondariale Marittimo di Maratea  

tel. +39 0973 876859         emergency phone 1530 suggestions

where to stay at the port

Hotels and B & B at the port or in the vicinity

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Hotel SANTAVENERE E Dipendenza *****

by the sea - Fiumicello Santavenere

The 5-star Santavenere Hotel offers a fully equipped wellness centre, indoor and outdoor pools and a beautiful terrace overlooking the sea. ...

B&B HF Fiorella

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Il Vecchio e Il Mare B&B

Only 800 meters away from the Port ...

coordinates | how to get

The geographical coordinates of the Port of Maratea are 39 ° 59'16 "N - 15 ° 42'59" E and is located in the field "E" of the South Tyrrhenian Sea.

The map references place it respectively on the cards of the Hydrographic Institute of the Navy to n. 915, 11; in the Pilot Book of the Mediterranean to Table 1 on page B 180 and in the List of Lighthouses at page 126.

For access to the sea, the rule is to keep a minimum distance of 50 meters compared with the two lights placed on the head of 2 breakwater piers.
It suggests the entrance to the port from the North West and preferably with flat sea, by day.
If you are coming from the east might be difficult spot the entrance to the optical illusion of an uninterrupted wall of the pier.

For those arriving by car several parking lots are available in front and behind the platform; Furthermore the village is served by a regular bus service linking the Port to other towns of Maratea.

For those coming by train, finally with a good walk you can easily reach the dock and the return you can use the taxi service.