Brefaro and Massa - the mountain villages of Maratea

Mozzarella, sausage and more ...

Massa and Brefaro are two mountain towns, easily accessed by road from Old Town of Maratea leading to the Castle and the Christ the Redeemer.

the two villages map

Located in two large green hollows on the southern slopes of Mount St. Biagio the two villages are both strong rural traditions with a genuine and typical dairy production.

Indeed famous mozzarella, ricotta and caciocavalli produced in these two districts.

Pure air, authenticity, walks, nature, tranquility: these are the key words for those who choose Massa or Brefaro.

Two villages that represent the right combination of mountain and sea, with beautiful mountain views and glimpses of the sea.

where to stay

Hotel and  B&B in Massa / Brefaro or the nearby


One of the most exclusive hotels in the whole Thyrrenian coast  with the excellence ...

Club Residence Pianetamaratea ****

in collina sul mare

Apartments and Studios to renti , self catering accomodation, in a nice location ...


Massa and Brefaro be reached by car or by public transport of the bus routes to and from Maratea.

(see timetable on  public transport pages). tips:  

outing out in Massa :

 La Taverna di Epicuro


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