Beaches, coves and harbors on the coast of Maratea. Accesses, car parks, lidos

32 km of stunning coastline

spiaggia maratea

The Maratea beaches are one of the many scenic treasures that can be admired on the Tyrrhenian shore of Basilicata.
A succession of natural works of art that makes the Maratea Coast a unique and wildly fascinating.
The Coast of Maratea stretches over 30 km, from the Midnight Channel to the north (border with Campania) at the mouth of the river Noce or Castrocucco to the south (border with Calabria) and is characterized by dramatic high rocky ridges interspersed with coves , ravines and beaches.

Maratea's Beaches map

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In the following pages you can find all relevant information for each beach, even for those reachable only by sea:

> photos
> position
> size
> type of sand
> usability for children (Family friendly)
> Accessibility with stairs or less
> Beach Rank [What is it? ]

Only for those fit for use by ground also shows the available services:

> Bathing establishments (Lidos)
> parking
> services
> restaurants

MARATEA BEACHES - from North to South

Explore all the beaches of the coast of Maratea from North to South, almost 1 per kilometer, which you can find below grouped by borough.


acquafredda maratea
The wonders of the north coast


castello maratea

1 of the most beautiful beaches in Italy

Fiumicello Santavenere

fiumicello maratea

Fiumicello, the most elegant


porto di maratea

the beaches near the Port

Marina di Maratea

castello maratea

A great coastline and fabulous beaches


castrocucco secca maratea

La Secca, the  jewel. And the largest

Where to take a dip today?

One of the most interesting features of the holiday in Maratea is to be able to explore the many beaches found all along the coastline of Maratea.
- If they wanted to change every day you will serve almost a month's holiday [29]! -
Some would serve you the boat, why not be reached from the ground, for the majority, however all you need is a great desire for change and a dash of competitive spirit to meet this challenge.
There are many beach resorts that offer the convenience of services and greater comfort and privacy and tranquility; however they are still plenty of public beach easy to reach.


beach rank maratea

The Beach Rank is a rating to each beach, to help you choose better.
We have created a classification of the beaches of Maratea, assessing the beauty and the services.
The Beach rank is expressed in number of "sun":
from a minimum of 1 sun for a low rating,
to a maximum of 5 for just the most beautiful beaches and / or more equipped.
To consciously choose the place to dive ...