Secca beach - Castrocucco di Maratea 

La  Secca beach

BR 5/5

The beach of the "la SECCA"  in Castrocucco is one of the most picturesque corners of the coast of Maratea.

A paradise for the snorkelers and nature lovers. 

The beach scene is dominated by rocks and by "u Tuppu", a singular island covered with green vegetation.
Near the beach is the Baronial Palace of the noble Labanchi, with an adjoining chapel (now deconsecrated).
On the summit behind the beach you can see the Castrocucco Castle, a medieval fortress.

la  Secca  map - Castrocucco di Maratea

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Beach Features

la SECCA beach

Where :CASTROCUCCO (see map
Address for car navigation:LOCALITA' LA SECCA DI CASTROCUCCO
Accessible :by land
Size :medium/small
Public beach:NO
Family friendly :YES
Type :rocks
Parking :TOLL
Stairs :NO
Accomodation :Hotel and B&B - Castrocucco di Maratea
coordinate spiaggia: 39.934355, 15.743194:
Beach Rank5*****

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