Old Town Maratea

The Medieval village

 MARATEA centro

He said the "BORGO" to distinguish it from Maratea of upward or Castle (Maratea Superior) which is then succeeded as unifying hub of the local community.
The historic center of Maratea has the typical medieval structure, with old houses adorned with balconies and doorways, huddled together and divided only by narrow streets and alleyways.
Features the narrow streets that wind in the architecture of Old Town, which flow into small squares paved with ancient stones, with surprises around every corner.

" il Borgo " : Old Town Maratea

If the Old Town is the heart of Maratea, Buraglia Square, the "piazzetta", it is the center of gravity, a place to get together in the evenings and out late.
From this square it unfolds across a series of lanes that, in parallel or transverse or radial and in any case without a pre-established order, surround it.
During the summer season this maze of alleys is an outdoor exhibition of pictorial art and modern sculptures, a healthy walk not only for the body but for the mind, perhaps to be addressed in an after dinner for a warm evening of September.
But the square is also the crossroads of a number of shopping routes from strictly to walk with small craft shops, art galleries, clubs and bars where you can sip a drink or taste a local wine.

Where to stay in old town

Hotel and B&B in  Maratea Centro and in the  nearby


Old town

An old convent in a panoramic position in the heart of Maratea overlooking the ... ...


Old town

A hotel  constructed thoroughly renovating an ancient district of 1400..


Old town

At the center of the old city in a '700 restored building with rooms ...


New structure, halfway between Old Town and the sea, with ...

the nine towers of Maratea

torre centro storico

Six of the 379 towers built at the end of '500 by the Kingdom of Naples along the coast to defend against Saracen pirates,  are in the territory of the town of Maratea.

In addition to the six coastal towers other three towers were present in the Historic Center and are those that appear in the emblem of the city of Maratea.

  Of uncertain origin but also dated around the '500,  of these towers only two are still almost completely intact today.

useful hints

The historic center is pedestrianized at certain times of the year and / or of the day but there are many parking spaces, free or paid, adjacent to the restricted area.

In addition, to do some even get rid of car, the urban bus service that connects frequently the various locations is  very comfortable too (for timetables see the public transport page of Maratea)

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where to eat

in Old Town?

 Taverna di Zu Cicco