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The Church of Maria Santissima del Portosalvo

The parish church of Maria Santissima del Portosalvo, sandwiched between the houses of the Port of Maratea, is the result of the enlargement of an 18th-century chapel.

The festival dedicated to Our Lady of Portosalvo, in June, is solemnized with a characteristic procession on the sea, where the fishermen of the Port follow their protector to the island of Santo Janni.


Works of art in the Church

The high altar, in polychrome marble, and the statue of the Madonna del Portosalvo dates back to the period of enlargement.
Noteworthy restoration and expansion works were carried out between 1922 and 1925, when the long narrow barrel-vaulted nave was set, which shows a beautiful painting of the 20th century Immaculate.
The characteristic bell tower dates back to 1954, decorated with classical columns, built with the contribution of all the citizens of the village.

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