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Hermitage of the Madonna degli Ulivi (or of the Snow)

The small Hermitage of the Madonna degli Ulivi (or of the Snow) is located behind the Basilica of S. Biagio, at the parking lot for the visit to Maratea Castello.
This hermitage is one of the testimonies of the Paleo-Christian epoch of Maratea, a period in which the city was frequented, like the whole of the South, by the phenomenon of Byzantine monasticism, often inappropriately called "Basilian".


Works of art in the Church

The church was abandoned for a long time and after going into ruins, the restoration of the interior has preserved some valuable frescoes of the fourteenth-fifteenth century that decorated the only aisle, including a St. Catherine of Alexandria, placed on the left of the apse, on which we see a Christ Pantocrator headless, in clear Byzantine style.
On the opposite side you can see a well-preserved Madonna with Child.
The church owes its double entitlement to the main altar, carved into a single olive root, and to the polychrome wooden statue of Our Lady of the Snow with Child, once celebrated by the marauds on August 5th each year.

Visit  Madonna degli Ulivi

Lasciare l'auto nel Parcheggio della Madonna degli Ulivi ( inserire nel navigatore Parcheggio Madonna della Neve o degli ulivi) e proseguire a piedi.