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 the Grotta dell' Angelo [angel's grotto]

It is a natural cavity located in Mount S. Biagio, perpendicular under the right hand of the statue of the Redeemer.
Popular tradition has it that it was the first place used for Christian worship in the territory of Maratea.


Works of art in the Church

The cave offers evidence of ancient attendance with a fresco, on the bare rock, dated to the X-XI century, which represents the Crucifixion, surrounded by the figures of the Father, at the top, of the Sun and the Moon, on the upper sides, of S. Giovanni and St. Michael the Archangel.
And it is precisely to this figure that the cave owes its title.
On the trampling of the cavity there is a memorial plaque in memory of Count Stefano Rivetti

Visit the Grotta dell' Angelo

The route to reach the Grotta, the ruins of the Castle of Maratea, has a high degree of difficulty.
We recommend a visit only with an expert guide.