Chapels in old town Maratea

The Chapels in old town

To complete the list of the 44 churches of Maratea we find the chapels, present almost everywhere in the territory.
In the Borgo, that is to say in the municipal historical center, the seniority belongs to the so-called chapels to the "Cappuccini", a complex of three chapels dedicated to S. Rocco, S. Giorgio and the Madonna di Loreto, placed near the church of S. Antonio of the ex-convent of the Capuchins, who keep some 15th century frescoes.

Very beautiful is that which represents the Madonna with S. Biagio and S. Rocco, placed in the first chapel from the left.


Upstream of the Cappuccini chapels is the large chapel of the Madonna delle Grazie.
The crumbling chapel of S. Francesco de 'Poverelli, completely restored recently, is located in the  Prazza  Inferiore district of the village.
Inside there is a 16th-17th century fresco, representing the Madonna della Mercede flanked by S. Biagio and S. Francesco d'Assisi.
Near the Sospiro road is the privately owned chapel of S. Bernardo, the only evidence of a 16th century Cistercian grange.
Inside there is a beautiful fresco of the same period.
In the locality of Fontana Vecchia there is the chapel of the Madonna of Lourdes, a simple sacellum erected in 1932 that recreates the meeting of the Immaculate Conception with Bernadette.

Edicola della Cona

Continuing from the Cappuccini Chapel towards the heart of the Historical Center, going down the characteristic road called Pendinata,
there is the Cona aedicule, a small building that preserves a 16th century fresco, attributed to Luca da Eboli, representing the Madonna in Gloria with Child and Adoring Angels.