Along the SS18 State Highway | Maratea

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SS18. Hairpins overlooking the sea

Our itinerary winds through the beautiful panoramic SS18 road in the stretch that crosses the Maratea area, from north to south, from Acquafredda to Castrocucco with the various suggested stages, including the stop at the harbor and the visit to the  Grotto of Meraviglie [Cave of Wonders].

This section of the SS18 is perhaps one of the most beautiful in Italy, both for the breathtaking views it offers and from the point of view of the engineering solutions found to tackle the really difficult orography of the place.

Our tour of the SS18 road starts from the border between Campania and Basilicata, at the Midnight Channel, perhaps one of the most beautiful and evocative points of our journey.

From here on, you can take advantage of the small parking areas you find on your right along the road, allowing you to enjoy panoramas and take pictures.

Take this time all the time you need because every glimpse is different and behind every bend you can find new treasures to admire.
It would be too long to describe here all the things that deserve to be seen and for brevity we will only limit ourselves to pointing to the most important ones.


Un nuovo e divertente modo di esplorare la città
che unisce nel divertimento tutta la famiglia


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from Canale di Mezzanotte to Torre Santavenere

After the Canale di mezzanotte [Midnight Channel] and before arriving at Acquafredda you will find the Torre dei Crivi, on the tip over the sea.

After the village , if you have time, take a detour to the right to visit the beaches of Luppa and Anginarra, otherwise continue to find the Palazzo Villa Nitti in front of the square of the railway station.

Continuing on the SS18, once you reach the hotel area of Acquafredda stop for a moment in the first square that you find near the Canale of Monaca: look with your eyes in the bait beneath the fresh water chamois that flows from the sea ...

At Cersuta, once you have passed the town center, stop just before the tunnel to walk on the abandoned stretch of road, just beneath the "Tower of Apprezzami l'Asino".

If you have time back a couple of hundred meters back and go down the street to admire Nastru Beach, one of the most beautiful in Italy.

Continue south under a thick pine forest then leave the SS 18 at Fiumicello high while holding the right and continue along the road toward the sea to the beach.  When you come back, stop for a drink or make some presents in the shops down the street.

At this point, continue to Port of Maratea where you can take a stroll in the marina atmosphere between boats and yachts and enjoy a drink or lunch in one of the many places present.

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from Porto to Castrocucco

Returning from the Port of Maratea head south, after some hairpin you will resume the SS18.

From now on, the road becomes a little more linear but not less open than suggestive panoramas: take advantage of every time you want to stop and enjoy the view.

From one of the first pitches you find on the right for once you look in the direction of the inland and upward: you will find yourself just under the statue of Christ the Redeemer who dominates the entire coast of Maratea.

Looking towards the sea, you will find the island of Santojanni and facing right on the northern tip of the Gulf of Policastro.

Continuing along the road you will find the various streets leading to the beaches of Marina of Maratea, starting with Cala Jannita or Black Beach.

Take advantage of it if you've been able to withstand this point to make a nice dip in the water.

After Marina of Maratea  the road is again overhanging the sea to get rid of Calabria to Castrocucco of Maratea.

To see, in one of the last resting places, the profile of the entire coast of Maratea you have just traveled.
Below you are one of the pearls of Maratea, the Secca and up the ruins of the Castle of Castrocucco while south you will see the great beach of Gnola and the island of Dino in the distance.

For example: if you are lucky on the right day with the clear sky, gliding to the horizon you will be able to see Stromboli that from Maratea is less than 80 nautical miles!

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