Santo Janni island | Maratea

The Isle of Garum

The Isle of Garum

Just over a small island, just off the south coast of Maratea, Santojanni features archaeological remains of a production and storage facility of "garum" or,  according to other scholars, for the storage of the tuna.

In both cases, the next stop for these foods were the tables of the Romans in the Urbe.

More obvious the remains of a religious building of the late medieval age, probably dedicated to the cult of St. John (Santo Janni).
Legend told that here they landed the faithful Armenians with the relics of St. Blaise.

And again here, there are signs of seafaring and trading activities.


drago maratea

Near SANTOIANNI Island are remarkable finds of amphorae and anchors of the Roman age, sign of frequent visits of merchant ships of the time.

The rocks of "Matrella" ideally unite the island to the coast, in one of the most spectacular points of the whole coastline.

Voice of the people wanted the island to be invaded by wild rabbits but today the only animal that survives - as well as some birds like seagulls - is the rare dragon Santo Janni or the Podarcis sicula paulae, a lizard from the characteristic blue color belly.

It is an endemic species of the place very similar to the Lizards of Faraglioni or other similar creatures that inhabit the islands of habitat or continuous contact with rocks marine aerosols.

A fantastic area

This is in fact the area's most beautiful beaches such as those of Macarro, Cala Vecchia,Illicini, Cala Jannita or Spiaggia Nera ( Black Beach) , the Vranne, Funnicu Regiu and the Caves of' Sciabella and San Giorgio.