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The Ancient Maratea

On Mount San Biagio is located the highest inhabited area (644 mts.) Of Maratea, characterized by the ruins of the ancient nucleus of fortified houses (known as Castello) constituting "Maratia Superior" then abandoned in favor of the current historical center.
In addition to the ruins of the Ca, the visit includes the Sanctuary of San Biagio and the statue of Christ the Redeemer.
In the area the interesting Grotta Dell'Angelo (visit recommended only to experts).

area map

Il sito è aggiornato dai volontari di Dai anche tu il tuo contributo diventando socio oppure FAI UNA DONAZIONE

The visit

Starting the visit to the Basilica of S. Biagio, you can advance with a sure step towards the statue of the Redeemer.

On the right,  just down on a terrace, you can see the ancient protective walls  of the city, nowaday unfortunately forbidden to the visit.
Along the small avenue, always on the right, there are the ruins of two towers, once protecting the ancient Porta (Door) of the Carpini.
Once at the Redentore viewpoint, you can enjoy the enchanting view of the Maratea coast.

the Castle

Returning to the Basilica, go down to the right, where the square is inserted into the ruins of the ancient Maratea «Castello» [castle]

Along the old dirt road that runs through the ruins, you immediately notice a turret with red brick arches.
 This was one of the many civil towers that protected the town.
Descending the stony road, one enters the nucleus of the ancient citadel, which appears literally gutted for the construction of the road itself.
You can therefore notice the interiors of the houses, which, as if out of the imagination of a bizarre artist, draw interesting architectural motifs.
You immediately notice the small size of the buildings, a quarter of the normal, and the bakery ovens hanging on the walls.
Along the road, on the right, the Palazzo Ventapane, a magnificent building with 32 rooms, opens majestically.
The large hexagonal loggia, which opens up large square windows on the sea, is flanked by a series of arches that connect this to the surrounding houses.
Going back to the Cudetta, the only preserved farmhouse, you can admire the houses of the ancient Maratea as they appeared centuries ago.
Continuing towards the hairpin bends of the modern road, you can see the ruins of another tower, with a square slot: this was the post to protect Porta S. Maria, which opened a little lower.
From here you can go up the road back to the parking behind the Basilica of S. Biagio.

Il sito è aggiornato dai volontari di Dai anche tu il tuo contributo diventando socio oppure FAI UNA DONAZIONE

useful hints to visit the Christ of Maratea

Opening time
  Open access, open 24 hours 24
(see below :parking and shuttle bus)

ADDRESS: Maratea, Borgo Castello - Top of Monte San Biagio, ca. 640 meters s.l.m.


EVERY DAY FROM 3 June to 30 September 2019;

only holidays and days before holidays from October 5th to November 3rd 2019;
only holidays and days before holidays from March 28th to May 1st 2020;
only holidays and days before holidays from May 16th to June 2nd 2020
the remaining days: direct access to the free parking in front of the Basilica of San Biagio

PARKING 5 eur / car for the first hour of parking; 3uro / hour for the following hours
SHUTTLE from parking to Basilica / Statue: 1 euro / person round trip


Un nuovo e divertente modo di esplorare la città
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