Road movie BASILICATA Coast to Coast  by Rocco Papaleo

"Basilicata Coast to Coast "  

by Rocco Papaleo (2010) 

 comedy film

Rocco Papaleo's first work as a director: Basilicata Coast to Coast, whose filming was done in late summer 2009 in the territory of Maratea.
The film sees the participation of many selected extras among the population of Maratea.
The shooting involved various locations in the small town of Lucania such as Acquafredda, some streets of the Old Town, the Castle and the provincial road to Trecchina.


Basilicata Coast to Coast - plot

For the debut as director Rocco Papaleo chose the actors Alessandro Gasman and Giovanna Mezzogiorno and for the first time on the screen Max Gazze '.
The film tells of an adventurous journey on foot of a group of former musicians of Maratea in the company of a nag (and a journalist not really happy to be in that group), through Basilicata from the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Ionian Lucani to attend a festival music in Scanzano.
Maratea represents the starting point of this strange journey that will end in a now deserted square of Policoro, at the end of the festival.
An event - miracle will quickly forget the group of friends the disappointment for not being able to attend the festival.


duration '105
Directed by: Rocco Papaleo
Alessandro Gassmann (Rocco Santamaria)
Paolo Briguglia (Salvatore Chiarelli)
Giovanna Mezzogiorno (Tropea Limongi)
Max Gazzè (Franco Cardillo)
Rocco Papaleo (Nicola Palmieri)
Claudia Potenza (Maria Teresa)
Michela Andreozzi (Lucia)
Antonio Gerardi (Carmine Crocco)
Augusto Fornari (Press Agent)
Gaetano Amato (Honorable Limongi)

Rocco Papaleo - Valter Lupo
Film script
Rocco Papaleo - Valter Lupo

Gimmi Cantucci

Claudio Cordaro

Sonia Peng / Elio Maiello

Fabio Olmi

Francesco Liotard / Tommaso Conti

Livio Bordone

  Paco Cinematografica S.r.l., Eagle Pictures

Eagle Pictures

Basilicata Coast to Coast - plot

In the film the itinerary starts from Maratea, continues to Trecchina to arrive at Lauria and then Moliterno and Tramutola. From here it heads towards Viggiano, then Corleto Perticara to reach Scanzano Ionico through Policoro, site of a famous revolt against atomic waste and in the film the site of the music festival in which the group of musicians wanted to participate.

If you want to retrace the exploits of the musicians in the film, we have dedicated an entire section to the Basilicata Coast to Coast Itinerary and its variations and enrichments.

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