La Vedovella | Peppino De Filippo | Maratea Film

"La Vedovella"  
(Pretty widow)

by Silvio SIANO , 1964 

type: commedy

The film, shot in Maratea and surroundings, was one of many "light" feature films by Peppino De Filippo, enlivened by the presence of a very young Margaret Lee.
It can be considered among those first attempts in the 60s to promote a tourist resort through cinematographic art.

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Considered at the time scandalous more because of the plot that legendary spicy scenes, the film "The Vedovella" was filmed in the Historical Center of Maratea and partly in Praja a Mare.
For some outdoor shootings, some local young people were also hired as extras.


La Vedovella - plot

Susy, a call girl from Milan, unexpectedly receives a castle from an old client, the Barone Colletta di Sant'Omero. Recognized on the spot in grams, is mistaken for the widow of the late gentleman and is immediately circulated by the mayor, members of the municipal council and other people all tending to take possession of the decadent property with little money, whose future is guaranteed by the industrial expansion of the Calabrian village.
Susy realizes the situation and shrewdly takes advantage of it, not disdaining to commit her graces unreasonably. In fact, he succeeds in obtaining the unanimous vote of the city council against the expropriation of his land, and, cried all the interested suitors, dedicates his affection to Corrado, a technician of some important factories in the area.


"LA VEDOVELLA" - data sheed

duration '89 PANORAMIC format in B / W
Directed by
Silvio SIANO Director
Sabatino Ciuffini Assistant Director

Players (Age in the movie)
 Alberto Bonucci Councilor Caputo (46)
 Peppino De Filippo Mayor Don Pietro Quagliolo (61)
 Umberto D'Orsi Councilor Raffaele Chianese (35)
 Margaret Lee Susanna Andreoni (Susy) (21)
 Felix Marten Corrado
 Riccardo Billi Raffaele (58)
 Giacomo Furia Gennarino (39)
 Piero Gerlini Councilor Pasquale Savino (39)
 Dolores Palumbo woman Elvira (52)
 Alfredo Rizzo Carlo Sardelli (62)
 Aroldo Tieri Ambrogino, emp. notary study (47)
 Jean Marc Tennberg Don Alvaro
 Maria Torcia (as Maria Torcia)
Film script
 Guido Castaldo - Sabatino Ciuffini - Georges Combret - Giacomo Furia - Silvio Siano
Original Subject
 Sabatino Ciuffini - Camillo Marino - Silvio Siano
 Domenico Paolercio Director of Photography
 Nino Bonavolontà Musical Director
 Marcello Gigante Soundtrack
 Alessandro Nadin Orchestrations
 Original songs:
"la Vedovella" by De Vinci - Di Gennaro - Marcello Gigante - Otello Profazio; sings Otello Profazio
"Do it with me" by De Vinci - Di Gennaro - Marcello Gigante - Otello Profazio; sings Adriano Tomassini
Scenography: Jean Paul Coutard
Costumes: Rosalba Menichelli
Editing: Piera Bruni
Technical Cast
 Renato Savino Production Manager
 Mario Ronchetti Fonico
 Gino Santini Operator
 Franco Freda Make up artist
 Maurizio Tanfani script supervisor
Production: Italy / France 1964

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