Ogni lasciato è perso |  Piero Chiambretti | Maratea

"Ogni lasciato è perso "  
(Every left is lost)

by Piero Chiambretti  (2001) 

type: comedy

Every left is lost, the film shot in outdoor even in Maratea, was the first test behind the camera for the Turin comedian Piero Chiambretti.

The scene shot at the Christ of Maratea is one of the most exhilarating of the whole movie.

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Ogni lasciato è perso- plot

Successful TV host of the transmission 'That's AMORE', the Turin Piero C. lives a life of good satisfaction between Rome and the Piedmontese capital.
Unfortunately Beatrice, the woman who loves in a total way, a bad day leaves him without a precise explanation.
From that moment Piero entered a state of deep depression, from which it seems impossible to leave.
Look for some consolation with friends, but here it is worse than ever: one is a doctor in a mental health clinic, the other is admitted to the same clinic.
Next to Piero is Martina, a girl who tries to support him and help him.
Then there is the concierge of the building in which he lives, a man ready to rush to his calls.
Martina is in love with Piero, it is clearly seen by how he behaves: only he does not realize it, and on the contrary, when things get bad even at work and is turned away from television, here he unleashes with her, treating her badly .
It seems to be born a story with Isabella, a television colleague who arrives with an Indian holy man, seems available, but then leaves him.
Now everything is falling: Martina has left, Beatrice is pregnant with another man and Piero has no choice but to attempt suicide,
Friends save him, and, shortly thereafter, things change; Martina returns and this time Piero does not let her go.
The two get married, they seem happy but later they separate: the loneliness starts again but maybe it can be overcome.


"OGNI LASCIATO E' PERSO" - data sheet

duration '95
Directed by: Piero Chiambretti
Actors | Character
Piero C. Piero C.
Gretha Cavazzoni | Martina
Vanessa Asbert | Beatrice
Carlo Freccero | TV Broadcasting Director
Carlo Ferrari | Charlie
Antonio Catania | Diego
Felice Andreasi | Found
Valentina Acciardi
Edoardo Baietti
Annalisa Bugliani | Isabella
Maria Pia Colonnello - Mother Di Piero
Carlo Croccolo | Primary
Tiberio Fusco | Tiberio
Aldo Izzo
Cristina Macca '| Wife Izzo
Barbara Mautino
Edoardo Raspelli
Stefania Spugnini | Babi
Benito Urgo | Benito
Film script :
Diego Amodio, Leo Benvenuti, Piero Chiambretti, Piero De Bernardi
Original Subject: Piero Chiambretti
Photography: Massimo Pau Director of Photography
Scenography: Stefano Giambanco
Costumes: Virna Venturini
Editing: Mirco Garrone
Technical Cast
Marco Fusco Production Manager
Adriano Di Lorenzo Sound Technician
Corrado Rizzo Digital effects
Alessandro Di Meo operator
Giorgia Pellegrini production secretary
Ladis Zanini location manager
Italy 2000; Telecinelanda, Rita Rusic Company S.r.l.
Distribution: Columbia Tristar

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