Logbook | travel experiences in Maratea

Lat. 39° 59’ 16” Nord – Long. 15° 42’ 59” Est. Maratea 

by Spyking

En bateau, voyager de Neptune au sud, avec la mer et le vent fort.
Puis l'atterrissage dans la zone de sécurité de Maratea et la découverte des lieux ...

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First day

Departure from Nettuno 6.45 am, route to Procida.
At the beginning acceptable sea 2/3 force but then in the Gulf of Pozzuoli there was a tribulation, always wind from NE with sea force 7.
The landscapes around always fascinating from Circe, the Pontine islands, up to the enchanting Procida, where we arrived at 10.15, and shortly after we started the supply of diesel. A very strange feeling, here it seems that everyone lives slowly, without being stressed by the rhythms of modern life, and I think to myself, maybe it is not just a rock island style Adriano, but lucky them, as I envy them. Two old men, sheltered by the port dam, are seated on the pier and chat quietly with the slow gestures and the tranquility that transpires from their faces furrowed by the salt of the sea and the sun. We board 1087 liters of diesel and start again at 11.20. Then crossing the gulf of Naples was even more dancer, we had to reduce the speed even at 8 knots, with Vesuvius our left. At 13.10 we cross Punta Campanella and on our straight with the breath suspended from the emotion we love the legendary Faraglioni and Capri. Then the Gulf of Salerno and even here the wind did not help us very much, surpassed Punta Licosa, sailing below the coast we could give more strength to the machines with the intent of arriving in the evening in Vibo Valentia. Here the coast after Amalfi and Salerno begins to be wilder, full of green, with stretches of rock with beautiful colored shades. A technical mishap to the battery charger of the engines, after Capo Palinuro, requires us to change course in the Gulf of Policastro and point to the ground, with a bow sea really birbo also force 7/8. We decide to land in Maratea, with strong gusts of wind that we estimate around 40 knots. Also the mooring in port, was problematic, but then with the help of two mooring sailors we anchored the boat to the pier well.
We aim our eyes at the top and ask ourselves: are we in Bahia or in Italy? On the mountain opposite, overlooking the port, a Christ with open arms welcomes us, a sign of destiny: from above he protected us and told us when to return.
Even today it went, 195 miles have been made and with this sea believe me, we were really good, especially the Commander.
Tomorrow is another day.

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Second  day

Alarm at 8.00, breakfast at the Bar of the port, then Biagio arrived, the electrician, always happy, we made two measures, some tests, and we found that the fault is in an alternator. Rapid consultation, and considered the sea very ugly, we decide to remain moored here and restart for Vibo Valentia, a marina equipped with more services than this because it is bigger, to refuel and where we alerted a specialized technician who will evaluate the repair and / or the alternator replacement. We will see to start immediately to focus on Roccella Jonica or Crotone, depending on the time of departure.
 In the afternoon, in this beautiful little square, around 2 pm, a bus goes up to Maratea historic center, Andrea and I decide to take it and go to the city of 44 churches. Very beautiful, similar to the towns of mountain communities. With a cold dog and this terrible wind that does not calm down, we take a stroll around the town, a hot chocolate in the only open Bar and then decide to go back on foot, about 5/6 Km, luckily downhill. The view is very impressive.
Back on board, and the warmth is very welcome, the Commander was waiting for us as we had left, folded on the nautical chart, to study the possible routes of the coming days.
The wind continues, the forecasts decrease it, on the horizon observing the sea.
 In the evening, at about 19.45 we take an aperitif in the only bar open in the marina, we ask where to go for dinner, we point out by Caesar, on the road to Sapri, a little distant and then we ask if there is a taxi service, promptly there phone numbers are given and, shortly thereafter, an elderly gentleman arrives with an old Mercedes SW powered by Power. We go to this restaurant, we eat well with fish, especially the lobster tongues. In the restaurant which has a large outdoor terrace, there is only our table and that of a young couple.
At about 10.30 the taxi driver picks us up and takes us to the port.
During the journey this very kind gentleman, to whom we offer a coffee before leaving, tells us many interesting stories.
For example, that the Redeemer is located at 620 meters. above sea level, the statue is 22 meters high, planted in 1963, it gives its back to the sea because it looks at the rear of the Basilica of San Biagio. Basilica built on the cliff of this mountain because, legend has it that this Armenian martyr landing on this stretch of coast, precisely at the rock of San Ianni, recognizable by three crucifixes, just south of the port entrance, threw a stone violently up towards the mountain, and at the point where the stone fell, his Basilica was built.
The second week of May is celebrated San Biagio which includes many faithful, patron of Maratea with a very important festival that collects as well as faithful, many tourists.

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